This e-diploma was done to help grades 1-4 find something to read even during this exceptional time.


You can find e-books and e-audios at BookBeat app. Ask your teacher if your school has an account there!


Download Lukulumo to your smart device. You can download it from Appstore or Playstore. Log in using the following username and password: Username: lukulumokoulu Password: 987654321 You can listen the stories that you find at Lukulumo in English. You can find all the books that are told in English when you first press: Kielihyllyt, then find Englanti and press: Näytä kaikki.


You can listen and watch stories for free at Storyline Online. You can find it here

If you have a audiobook service (for example BookBeat) at your disposal, you can listen an audiobook from there.


You can read e-books from Helmet-libraries collection at OverDrive.