Story Diploma for families and groups

The Story Diploma is designed for children below school age, families, and early childhood education workers. The Story Diploma includes many different kinds of books and enjoyable stories to include in readalongs, as well as age appropriate guided reading.

The Story Diploma is completed by reading or listening to ten (10) books. You can select books from the suggestions in the lists or choose your own. Track the number of books read by coloring the Reading Gull picture, which can be picked up from the library or print your own. You can find it here.

When your Reading Gull is colored and assembled, an adult can take a photo of it. As a prize for completion, visit the library and show your picture or tell about the books you read, and you can get a Reading Diploma and a crown for your Reading Gull! Day cares and other children’s groups can receive a Group Diploma.

Audiobooks can be read for the Story Diploma and in general, books in any language count. When you click on a book cover from the Story Diploma website, you can find a short description of the book and a link to find out in which libraries the book is available.

Ask at your local library for more information about completing the Reading Diploma as well as book tips. Reading aloud with children is fun and a great way to spend time together!

Courage and fear

Accepting yourself and others

Nature and animals

All kinds of feelings

Home and family

Fairy tales