This HelMet English Reading Diploma is for 7-9 grade students.

When you have read ten (10) books, you get a diploma. You can select books from this list or select books that are interesting to you that are not found on this list. Ask your teacher if books not on the list can be used for the Reading Diploma. You can also ask a librarian for ideas.

You can also read audiobooks and e-books.

When you have completed the Reading Diploma you can then complete a bonus diploma by reading ten (10) different books. Ask for help from your teacher and or a librarian. The Reading Diploma should be completed before the end of April.

Once upon a time... – Poems and fairy tales

Life is quite comical – Comics, manga, and graphic novels

Otherworldly Stories – Science fiction & fantasy

Life’s ups and downs – Contemporary reading

Sometimes life is hard – survival stories