Job shadowing at Odense music library 2/3

I listed observations I made during my stay in Odense music library between 9th of May – 13th of may 2017.

Pictures from left to right: shadowing Lene Jonassen and Claus Vinther Jensen.


  • Music library is moving from it’s own building to the same building as the main library. tool is being used in the process to help the staff organize things.
  • The location of Odense music library has changed several times during recent years.
  • New library system Fælles coming up.
  • Music library services are visible in the building exterior: symbols on banners  and illuminated advertisement.
  • Colors are used to identify the genres in cd capsules: yellow for folk, white for pop/rock, green for blues etc.
  • Cd collection is vast: over 100 000 titles.
  • The team leader tells that cd format will make a return as a popular customer format in near future.
  • The deleted items from the collection are being sold to customers.
  • The cds of the bands and artist coming to town are on display.
  • Co-operation with local live music venues and festivals.
  • The first impression of the staff: high motivation and professionalism.
  • Seven regular staff members and many staff members from other libraries work at he music library.
  • When not on customer service desk, staff works in large open-plan office.
  • Three customer service computers and at least two staff members on the service desk all times.
  • Helpers are putting the materials to the shelves during the day.
  • Music library staff members are concentrating on customer service, collecting the reserved items and helping at the studio and morphing the space for different kinds of events.
  • Inter-library loans are free and very common.
  • Direct link from the library system  to find the item from another city library.
  • 10 computers for customers in the library hall.
  • Soundproof studio room is custom build in the center of the music library hall.
  • Studio services available in Danish library system since the 80’s.
  • One staff member is  main the responsible for helping customers at the studio and taking care the annual studio budget.
  • Customers can book the studio by calling the library or on the spot.
  • On the first studio booking ”help” is marked on the studio calendar, customer gets guiding.
  • Customers can book the studio if they cave library card.
  • Studio is checked in the morning and the power is on until library closes.
  • Customers have no access to the studio computer.
  • No Internet connection in the studio.
  • Pro Tools software, Mac hardware.
  • Two electric guitars, electric bass, acoustic guitar, electric piano, electric drums, mics at the studio.
  • Usb memory sticks and cd-rs for sale a the library.
  • Zero tolerance for misbehavior at the studio premises.
  • ”Library Live” & ”Library Live Recording” concepts are linked to the library studio.
  • Stage for live performances and events outside the studio.
  • Equipment for live audio and lighst available.
  • Storage room for technical equipment is important for the staff.
  • Roland silent band room is open for customers without reservation. Electric drums, electric guitar, electric bass, electric piano, electric piano.
  • Floor lamps and over all cosy feeling and vibe all over the library.
  • ”17:17” live music concept: live music provided my the local music school every Wednesday at 17:17 o’clock.
  • Events organised by the university may continue past the library open hours.
  • Acoustic guitars and ukuleles for customers to loan out.
  • Portable LP-players coming up for customers to loan out.
  • ”Library is one of the last places where you get quality service free of charge.”.
    Pictures from left: Kajsa Vala live at Dexter live music club, music albums are played at the Odense music library, smile.

    – Harri Pikka
    Vantaa city library
    music and media


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