English Book Club (EBC) meeting in October, Sello library

In the October meeting of EBC, on the 24th, we will talk about Love by Toni Morrison.

Toni Morrison is an American author (born in 1931) who recieved the Nobel Prize in Literature in year 1993. Love is her eighth novel. It tells a story of several women and their relationship to a charismatic but dead hotel owner Bill Cosey.

The meeting takes place at 2pm as usual on the second floor of Sello library.

Last time we discussed Monica Ali’s Alentejo Blue. The book was controversial. We all agreed that Monica Ali is a talented and creative writer but the storyline in Alentejo Blue jumped around too much. The characters were interesting but it was almost impossible to get a good grip of any of them. It feels that Monica Ali only scratched the surface in these short stories.

You can pick up Love from the 2nd floor of Sello library, from the info desk.

New members are always welcome to join the group. We hope to see you there!
If you have any questions you can contact us at tatu.helander(at)espoo.fi

Review of Love in the Guardian
Info on Toni Morrison


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