English Book Club (EBC) meeting in November, Sello library

The next meeting of English Book Club takes place on 21st of November on the 2nd floor of Sello library. The book of the month is The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes.

It’s a story about a middle-aged man and his past he thought he had left behind. Lately in EBC we have been reading novels by female authors so Julian Barnes and his male point of view bring a much welcomed change.

Julian Barnes (born 1946) is a graduate of modern languages and he has received many awards and nominations (The Sense of an Ending was Booker-listed) during his career, that has spun over 30 years. Barnes has written for example novels, short stories and essays and the themes have variated from history to reality, truth and love.

In our October meeting we discussed Love by Toni Morrison accompanied by tea and coffee and home-made cake. The novel raised a lot of different opinions and good conversation. Some enjoyed the flow of the language in the book and some found the plot very difficult to follow. We were happy to welcome one new member to our group of about 6 regulars, it’s always great to see new faces and hear their thoughts.

EBC takes place in Cultural Space at 2 pm, one Wednesday a month, everybody is warmly welcome!

Julian Barnes official website
Review of The Sense of an Ending


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