English Book Club (EBC) meeting in February, Sello library

For English Book Club’s meeting in February we are reading Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan. We chose the book because we wanted to read something relatively new, contemporary fiction (it was published in 2010), it has received very good reviews and it also won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2011. Quite a lof of buzz about it! Wikipedia also just told us, that Goon Squad is being adapted into a television series by HBO.

We are meeting to discuss the book on Wednesday, the 20th of February at 2 PM in the Cultural Space on the 2nd floor. We warmly welcome all regular visitors as well as new faces!

Last time we went through the most scientific discussion we have ever had. The book we read was Solar by Ian McEwan. The protagonist in the book is a theoretical physicist Michael Beard, and it happened that one of our regular book club members is one as well. The book raised lot of discussion and it was great having a book club member with us who gave us a lot of insight on the topic.

Jennifer Egan’s homepage
Review of the Goon Squad in the Guardian
Review in the Telegraph




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